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The U.S. Department of Education has given us new guidelines for collecting data on race and ethnicity. Because of this we are asking all students to complete a form collecting this data. Please log on to each individual student's account to complete this form. The form will be in the student's Inbox labeled "Race/Ethnicity Update".

If the student does not have a username and password please e-mail from an e-mail account registered with the school.

The infinite campus portal is now available!

If you have any questionsor problems using Infinite Campus, please email ""

Instructions for activating your account and logging in:

The Activation Key is only needed the first time the user accesses the portal. Upon logging in, the user will be required to establish a username and password that will be used for subsequent portal access.

Portal Login:

Activation Screen:

  1. From the Portal Login page, select the first Click Here option enter the First Time using Campus Portal? heading, which requires a Portal Activation Key.
  2. Next the Activation Screen will display. This is where you should enter your Activation Key.
  3. Click Submit. The activation key will be verified, and when approved, a screen will display where you can create a username and password.

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